Jimmy’s Corner – New York City

Great place in the heart of Manhattan just around the corner from Time Square. I hit this place a few years ago and is a must if you are ever in NYC and will give you a true Big Apple experience.

At this veritable shrine to boxing, the walls are lined with fight posters, photos and other personal effects that owner and professional trainer Jimmy Glenn has pasted up over nearly thirty years (look for the shots of Jimmy with Ali).

140 W 44th St, New York City, NY 10036 (Manhattan)  (212) 221-9510


Triple Bogey

A Beer Company for the Everyday Golfer.

We know how much you love the game so we brewed a beer that’s perfectly fit for the fairways! Whether you are cruising up the 18th or relaxing on the patio after a round, a Triple Bogey has never been this easy to swallow.

Cheers to the 19th hole and those beautiful summer days! Enjoy our crisp, refreshing blonde lager, crafted just for you.

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