Lokal Burgers & Beers - Miami, FLA


If you’ve been to Miami and you’re a beer lover, you’ve realized they are not. When I say they, I mean the majority. I went to many bars, restaurants and asked, “What craft beers do you have?” I was returned a “CRAP BEER!!?? We don’t have crap beer man! We have Bud, Miller, Miller Light…” and occasionally, “On draft we have…” (In fact, I’m probably going to copy past that whole diatribe about craft beer into many other reviews from around the country because, surprisingly, once you leave North Carolina, a major craft beer state, you realize how good you have it. So, after realizing how few people in Miami, respectively, appreciated good craft beer I hopped on Beer Advocate to find some good craft beer distributors/restaurants in Miami. I found Lokal! Not only one of the best craft beer establishments in Miami, it’s also one of the BEST craft beer establishments in the country.

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