O'Neill's Bar & Restaurant - Dublin, IRELAND


Here for over 300 years

O’Neill’s has existed as a licensed premises for over 300 years, long before the street on which it was named. But the area of Suffolk Street has over 1000 years played a vital administrative, commercial and cultural role in the formation of Dublin history. In Viking times, this area was in its most powerful position as O’Neill’s is built on the exact location upon which the Norse “Thingmote” or Parliament was located. This Thingmote was an earthen mound which stood about 40 feet high and had a circumference of 240 ft. This mound was used by the Danes as the place where their laws were promulgated. Later King Henry II had a temporary palace built at the mound for his meeting in 1172 with the Irish chiefs. Here he received submissions from several Irish chiefs and entertained them with military displays. Later in Medieval times it served as a place for public entertainment and even executions. In 1681 it was levelled by order of the Chief Justice and the earth was used to raise the level of Naussau Street to prevent flooding. Excavations in Suffolk Street have unearthed weapons from the Norse period which are now in the National Museum of Ireland.

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