Wicked Weed Brewing - Asheville, NC


This review will be short. I can’t say enough about Wicked Weed so I will say a little.

I profess a bias towards North Carolina and it’s craft beer affliction. Affliction in the best possible way. Asheville is one of the Meccas for craft beer lovers. If you know craft beer, you know Asheville NC. Wicked Weed is the blossom of two peel-offs from Dogfish Head brewery. Almost everything is barrel aged. They’re cellar/basement/bottom floor is where it’s at…a**hole. They haven’t made one bad beer. It used to be that The Wedge or GreenMan was the center of Asheville but as soon as their doors opened, Wicked Weed stomped their competition. It is, essentially , like comparing a Porsche to a Miata…similar but entirely two different entities.

If you’re not in Asheville for more than a day I recommend doing a flight, you’ll never be able to try every beer and go home, most likely you’ll die; however, there is no nobler death than by hops.

wicked-weed-logo.png 5 years ago
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