If you’ve been to Miami and you’re a beer lover, you’ve realized they are not. When I say they, I mean the majority. I went to many bars, restaurants and asked, “What craft beers do you have?” I was returned a “CRAP BEER!!?? We don’t have crap beer man! We have Bud, Miller, Miller Light…” and occasionally, “On draft we have…” (In fact, I’m probably going to copy past that whole diatribe about craft beer into many other reviews from around the country because, surprisingly, once you leave North Carolina, a major craft beer state, you realize how good you have it. So, after realizing how few people in Miami, respectively, appreciated good craft beer I hopped on Beer Advocate to find some good craft beer distributors/restaurants in Miami. I found Lokal! Not only one of the best craft beer establishments in Miami, it’s also one of the BEST craft beer establishments in the country.

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33 Acres Brewing Company
A family owned and operated brewery. Opening Spring 2013. In old english times an acre was considered as the amount of land an ox could plough in a day, later measured as (66′ x 660′). The respect of a hard days work combined with integrity and creativity, are the three ingredients our family run brewery values above all else. Our name combines the power three and the application of six to give 33 Acres Brewing Co. the character we all strive to be.


Located rue des Cans, in the heart of the sixth arrondissement, a few steps from the Place St-Sulpice and St full-Germain des Près, the Brasserie O’Neil is the first micro-brewery have opened in Paris. Born there fifteen years of meeting Mr. Pinet restaurateur looking for new ideas, and Patrick Bonduel, descendant of a very ancient family of brewers North and avid beer, Brasserie O’Neil has the most remarkable feature of offering beers malt manufacturing artisanal and high quality.


Here for over 300 years

O’Neill’s has existed as a licensed premises for over 300 years, long before the street on which it was named. But the area of Suffolk Street has over 1000 years played a vital administrative, commercial and cultural role in the formation of Dublin history. In Viking times, this area was in its most powerful position as O’Neill’s is built on the exact location upon which the Norse “Thingmote” or Parliament was located. This Thingmote was an earthen mound which stood about 40 feet high and had a circumference of 240 ft. This mound was used by the Danes as the place where their laws were promulgated. Later King Henry II had a temporary palace built at the mound for his meeting in 1172 with the Irish chiefs. Here he received submissions from several Irish chiefs and entertained them with military displays. Later in Medieval times it served as a place for public entertainment and even executions. In 1681 it was levelled by order of the Chief Justice and the earth was used to raise the level of Naussau Street to prevent flooding. Excavations in Suffolk Street have unearthed weapons from the Norse period which are now in the National Museum of Ireland.


With 23 beers on tap, the Merchant Tap House is the place in Kingston to enjoy the best live music and your favourite pint!


Awesome food including traditional Scottish fare! Get your haggis and wee dram. Incredible scotch selection and fantastic staff! They also have a great line up of live entertainment as well. Go and experience this pub gem where men wear kilts! I must visit if you are in Ottawa.


We are Canadas Brewery of the Year, and the 2012 World Cup of Beers Gold & Bronze Medal winner. Our BC Brewery is focused on being the best, not the biggest. In 2003, we started asCentral City Craft Brewpubin Surrey, BC. Our craft beer grew so popular that in 2005, we launched a canning line, enabling us to sell our beers at our ownLiquor Store, and beyond. Brewery sales quickly grew as our craft beers continued to win awards, and we achieved great success with theRed Racer beerbrand. By 2009 we had reached full capacity at our current BC brewery _ a 3,500 sq. ft. space. OurRed Racerbrand has become a cult icon among craft beer enthusiasts. Our flagshipRed Racer IPAis available at 120 BC Government Liquor stores, and all the finest private Liquor Stores in the Province. Its also available at 230 LCBO outlets in Ontario, and we have just signed an agreement with a new agent in Alberta. Our craft beers are rated some of the highest in British Columbia, and Canada from experts on sites likeBeerAdvocateandRateBeer.

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Barnstormer is the premier craft beer and artisan pizza destination in the Simcoe Muskoka region.  We are Barrie’s only brewpub producing craft beer in house where you can watch the brewing process!  Stop by today for a sampling of our locally made beer, guest beers, and food.  You will not be disappointed.

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The story of Sir William Temple
born 1555 – died 1627

In 1599, Sir William Temple, a renowned teacher and philosopher, entered the service of the Lord Deputy Of Ireland. In 1609 Temple was made Provost of Trinity College, Dublin and Master Chancery in Ireland and moved to this country.

Sir William Temple built his house and gardens on newly reclaimed land here on the corner of Temple Lane and the street called Temple Bar. In 1656, his son, Sir John Temple, acquired additional land, which with reclamation made possible by the building of a new sea wall, allowed the development of the area we now know as Temple Bar.

In the 17th century ‘Barr’ (later shortened to Bar) usually meant a raised estuary sandbank often used for walking on. Thus the river Liffey embankment alongside the Temple family’s plot became known as Temple’s Barr or simply Temple Bar. Later this evolved into the present thoroughfare connecting this whole area from Westmoreland Street to Fishamble Street.

Welcome to The ToucanKingston’s local pub since March 17, 1986. Our pub serves reasonably priced authentic pub fayre along with 22 draughts to choose from, Guinness being our specialty. And the craic is being served up all day, every day!
The Toucan delights in serving it’s customers A Pound & A Pint Sunday through Tuesday, A Pint and Personal Nacho on Wednesday, Half Priced Appetizers every Friday from 3pm to 7pm, Ladies Night on Saturday with specialized pitchers and $2 Off Any Burger, and our Legendary Sunday Breakfast for $4.25.
The Toucan has been a main stay in the live music scene in Kingston since the early nineties. Today, there is always Rueben deGroot every Monday, playing ole time rock and roll. We also feature many local, up & coming independent bands.At The Toucan, we love our sports, especially soccer. We show live games in the following leagues; EPL, Champions League, NFL, NHL, MLB and All World Championships.


Tobacco Road is Miami’s oldest bar, first opening it’s doors in 1912 and has continuously been serving ever since. The bar definitely has it’s scars as it’s been in use from the Capone Era of Prohibition serving bootlegged hooch in the back to the cocaine wars of the 80’s.

It’s located a little off the traditional tourist areas and some may even say it’s in a dodgy area of the city, but this is the place to be for music lovers. On any given night the crowd is as eclectic as the musicians the play there. Most nights you will find Blues and or Jazz bands playing to the wee hours of the night, but midweek is usually Rock/indie bands bringing the house down.

Tobacco Road is open 7days a week with daily happy hour specials that keep their regulars coming back from 11am – 5am!

Food is average and unfortunately so is the service most nights….but the atmosphere and history of the “Road” can’t be beat and I would put it on the list of places to stop by for at least once if you are in Miami.

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