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I had an opportunity while in London,Ontario to visit a relatively new brewhouse the Toboggan Brewing Company in the heart of the bar district. The city is famous for The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College  in Southwestern Ontario and the nights in this district are legendary, to say the least. As I was heading down Richmond St. with my family, my eyes caught what I thought was a mirage,  glimmering from the sun. But it was no mirage. Two beautiful beer vats shining ever so brightly with the word ToBoGGAN appearing as if it was burnt into the sign underneath. Under ToBoGGAN were the words Pub, Beer Store, Brewery, Kitchen. This my friends has turned into a family outing.

ToBoG 1

We entered into the brewhouse and were met by very friendly staff who genuinely appeared to be happy we were there.  We were led to our table eagerly anticipating the hoppy treats that the house was known for.  The interior had a very modern look,  mixed with a ski lodge feel that made us comfortable from the get go.


Lets get to what we came for….Beer. They had a great selection of many craft beers from other breweries in the area which to me is important because it shows allegiance to supporting craft beer in the area.  I was interested in trying their own beer which was made in house.  I ordered my usual paddle of 4oz tasters when I go to a new brewhouse and it came out in a small toboggan which I thought was brilliant and was a great conversation piece at our table.


I ordered the Amber(35IBU), the Stout(35IBU), the IPA(40IBU) and the Double IPA(45IBU). I`ve never had a bad beer but I have never been a huge stout or dark beer fan but I was thoroughly impressed with the Stout. It was very smooth and had an extremely clean finish. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised with the clean finish of all 4 beers.  My favourite was the Double IPA.  Its hoppiness was a flavour party that had me return later in the day to have a full pint upstairs in the biergarten.

ToBoG 2

Overall I was so impressed with the beer I almost forgot how pleasant and professional the staff were. While I didn’t eat while I was there as we were on a schedule, I will be returning to try their Deviled Eggs, Charcuterie Board, Fondue, amongst other items that I observed in their menu. Please take the time to check out their website  If you are in London or are planning to go there, please take the time to go and have a pint or a toboggan of tasters, you will not be disappointed. Visit their in house store where you can buy a growler or two to take home and have great merchandise to purchase. The ToBoGGAN Brewing Company is a welcome addition to the Wicked Pubs line up.


Mark Casey

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